TSA Gearing Up to X-Ray Your Body Cavities

Now we know what all those 3 & 4 hour airport security lines were all about this spring, don’t we.  The media played it like it was a worker slowdown, because the poor uniformed front line agents were handicapped-teen-bloodied-by-TSA-lawsuitoverworked, underpaid, and no longer satisfied with just bullying child passengers, beating up handicapped passengers, or feeling up attractive ones.   Oh, the glee at all the hundreds & hundreds of passengers the TSA was able to force to miss flights, reschedule, and fork out rebooking fees.   Could they have been getting kickback $/splitzies from the airlines for doing so?

Or maybe because the agents were so stupid, they fell for the old leftist union mantra of demanding higher & higher wages for mindless work, until the system cracked.  So what is Uncle Sam going to do now?  Install robot replacements to  harass the public on auto-pilot instead, of course.

Want some fries with that shakedown, sir?

So according to the Yahoo arm of the U.S. government propaganda machine, the TSA and American Airlines are teaming up to “test” automated CT scanning of travelers and their luggage, to both “speed” up security lines, and “improve” airport and airplane security.

TSA, American Airlines Jointly Testing Innovative Airport Security Technology
Yahoo Finance, July 5, 2016

This is completely disgusting.  This is far MORE X-ray exposure than the “dangerous” naked body X-ray scanners people have been screaming about for years.

The story conveeeeeniently glosses over that CT scanners are surround-sound multi-level X-rays!  Your luggage is one thing, but your human body? Every time you travel???

I will NOT submit to this. Will you?

How a CT Scan Machine Works