Blue MeBody Scanner Attitude is the brain child of an ordinary American woman, with teenage and young adult children, who  found herself becoming more and more annoyed at the nearly daily news of the “Invasion of the Body Scanners”, with more and more machines being installed at airports around the world, with authorotatious officious governments taking naked strip search X-ray images of ordinary law-abiding passengers, in the name of their own “security”. Well, harrumph to that!

Inspired by the plainly visible jewelry appearing in the news media images of people whose clothes had been rendered invisible by these insidious machines, she decided it was time to give people a way of reclaiming some of their dignity, talking back, and telling these “security authorities” just what we think of this nonsense. Using humor and non-threatening but pointed commentary, she launched an ever growing collection of metallic print apparel for travelers who don’t wish to merely go bleating like sheep through this dehumanizing process.

It’s time for a little Body Scanner Attitude!


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