Alaska Rep. Cissna arrives (by ferry) in Juneau Today

AK State Rep. Sharon Cissna arrives by ferry today in Juneau, Alaska, nearly a week after refusing to allow another official U.S. government molester to moleste her again.

This is probably the one issue conservatives and liberals can agree on. Both conservative Alaska and liberal Hawaii, both being so heavily dependent on air travel between towns, have the most at stake in having their day-to-day lives destroyed by TSA, to say nothing of their tourism economies. I hope this incident with Rep. Cissna is a tipping point all over the country for ending TSA’s ridiculous tyranny, because according to TSA’s web site, they intend to infiltrate all train, subway, bus, & sea travel, as well as large sports arenas. How many people are aware TSA was at the SuperBowl this year, staking its territory for stadium body scanners next year? They will be at the NBA all stars game, too. We will have no public place left free of these filthy official government molesters. They are even testing street mobile units to x-ray us in our cars wherever we go. This is a big money bureaucracy with every intention of running amok. As long as the payoffs from the body scanner companies last.

Next year, the ferry will likely not be available to Rep. Cissna without the TSA grope-down. Will even dog sled be available to her? Afterall, TSA has been looking to recruit at the Iditerod.