Strategy Chess Game with the TSA Dragon

I have seen far too much commentary calling the American public “sheeple” for not having put TSA out of business already, a mere four months after it initiated its boarding pass gauntlet of your choice of having your naked body photographed, or having your privates patted.

I think such name calling is unfair. The beleaguered free and law abiding American public has never encountered a foe quite like this before, and deserves more respect than it is getting from either the TSA or the finger-pointing “sheeple” commentators.

The reason you don’t see more “mass revolts” is because there is a cat and mouse game going on.  The first big mass revolt was indeed 11/24/10 on National Opt Out Day, and TSA thwarted having long lines for the TV cameras by simply reverting to metal detectors for just one day – in fact proving the very point that body scanners are not necessary – but nonetheless left the protesting masses wondering how next to organize a protest.

Indeed, it’s a strategy chess game.  TSA confronts each individual on a one on one basis.  You walk through a body scanner alone.  You are alone when your privates get patted. You get arrested alone for (“don’t photograph me, don’t touch me”) stripping, or for merely talking back to the government strip searchers and smug-mug privates-patters.   These are typical bully/rapist tactics – they separate each individual out – in a divide and conquer maneuver. It’s a soul-less bureaucracy running amok, gate-raping the public, at the behest of the profit-raking machine manufacturers, in order to sell these things to the American taxpayer – in effect raping us twice. There is little in the world that is more evil than that.

So this is not a “crowd” thing. Each individual has to decide how much they will take and when and where to draw the line before they will take on a sadistic dragon like that.

The people who seem to care the absolute most are simply not flying anymore.   There is even a Facebook group called “Boycott Flying”.  But all that is ceding their right to fly to the dragon.  And when you cede to a bully, you know what happens. TSA is now moving into all other forms of transportation, and has already moved beyond transportation into sports arenas, where they certainly don’t belong, or they will have to change their name to TSSA – Transportation and Sports Security Adminstration.  They have already staked their claim, like piddling dogs, on the Super Bowl and the NBA All Stars Game.  Well, maybe we should start boycotting the NFL and the NBA, too, until they kick out these molesters of their paying customers!  The airline industry has already tried that and TSA has essentially told them to shove it. But let’s see the NFL & NBA “dis-invite them” too, for next year, and see what happens. Perhaps if enough paying sports fans contact the NFL and contact the NBA about boycotting next year’s games, we can start pushing back this TSA dragon. Unless of course, we want to see the body scanners and privates patters popping up in next year’s parking lots.