Design Your Own

If you would like us to include your design in future Body Scanner Attitude apparel, please cover your technical, legal, and business bases before contacting us.  The surest way to be sure it’s a design we can use, that you get credit for your work, and that you get paid your rightful royalties when your design sells through us, is to set up an account for yourself with our inventory provider.   Then upload your design to their specifications for Specialty Flex.   You will need a vector graphics software program – Inkscape is one such program, and is available as open source (read free).  Once the printer has notified you that your design is “accepted” as technically possible to print, (our own acceptance rate with them is only about 50%),  follow their instructions for making it available  for other account holders to market.  Then send us a link to your design.   This plan protects you and us.

Should you have a design you love in mind, but the above process is beyond your technical ability or interest to learn, for a small $25 fee, we can arrange for graphic artist assistance.

We’d love to see your clever designs, especially if you have designs in other languages besides English. We do, however, have to reserve the right to not accept all submissions. We are particularly avoiding anything that can be construed as threatening. Thank you for your enthusiasm!