TSA Declares Victory, Plans Ever-Creeping Expansion

Is this what we want for America? Is this what you want for America? I don’t think so.

Travel-trained: Americans take security with sigh

So, is “Travel-Training” like “potty training”? Is this Big Government’s Perpetual Parental Nanny-State? “We know what’s good for you better than you know for yourselves.” How sneeringly, disgustingly, condescending.

TSA Begins begins random bag searches in DC Metro

‘And we will search you whenever and wherever we please.’

So like all pedophiles, they plan to inch their way into having Americans accept more and more egregious warrantless searches of their effects and persons, and “train” Americans to accept gratuitous pawings of their own and their children’s private parts, in more and more public places. In pedopheliac terms, this is called “grooming”, and Florida just arrested the guy who wrote the book on that.

Guess he spilled too many state secrets!!

TSA has already announced their intentions to install body scanners and TSA molesters and harassers in bus and train stations, schools, and sports stadiums all over the country. They believe they have successfully “conquered” the airports, replacing Jihadist terrorists who would kill your body, with insidious demonic-style terrorists, who rape your soul with a smile instead, leaving you shaken and unsure of why you feel so violated, when it’s, ya know, your civic duty to trade your right to travel for government goons poking at your privates.

Now they intend to confront innocent people everywhere they travel. If eventually they could stand in your driveway and require you to walk through a naked body scanner just to leave your home, they would. By now there is too much money invested in ever expanding the deployment of these insidious “necessary” theater machines, but most importantly, there is too much bureaucratic self-justification going on. A bureaucracy, no matter how insane, must grow or die.

On National Opt Out Day, November 24, 2010, on which millions of American travelers planned to “opt out” of the body scanner X-ray machines, and hold their noses and demand the replacement molestation pat-downs, causing long lines and delays on Thanksgiving Eve, TSA temporarily outsmarted the protesting public and avoided a national television spectacle, by simply turning OFF the body scanners for just one day, and reverting to old fashioned metal detectors and their paired “non-enhanced” pat downs.

(Note: the pat downs styles are paired with their associated machines, so a pat down alternative to a metal detector is not nearly as invasive as a pat down alternative to the body scanner, which is designed to strip search you.)

But TSA, in winning that one day battle, has sewn the seeds for its own ultimate loss of the war, because they revealed the fact that body scanner machines are not necessary at all for travel security. They revealed that it is all about security theater, about expanding their bureaucratic power, expanding their personal power trips, and returning ever increasing monetary returns to the investors who would inflict this everyday horror on the nation.

Body Scanner Attitude is committed to a non-time dependent form of protest, of rendering body scanner machines ridiculous, useless, and moot. Please tell all your friends. Whether you buy from us or design your own, simple low tech metallic print clothing, embedding protest messages in your own naked body images, will ultimately swing the submissive mindset, and thwart the oh so clever high tech naked body photographic (and illegal) strip search of innocent travelers.