Body Scanner Attitude Joins the Fracus

Welcome to Body Scanner Attitude, where we protest the new sorry situation, that of our own government taking dehumanizing and humiliating naked photographs of ordinary law abiding citizens, in the name of “air traffic security”.   Well, we hereby reclaim our dignity, and speak our minds, by embedding our protest messages in their precious new database of millions of our naked images.

It seems like every other day we read in the news of another airport where these insidious X-ray body scanner machines are being rolled out. I don’t recall anyone asking if it was what the public wanted. I don’t remember anyone even asking congress if that’s what ought to be done. Instead, we’ve let the Department of Homeland Security run amok, and we have our own Abu Ghraib going on, on a huge national scale! We don’t even need the panties on our heads, because the X-ray body scanners demeaningly render us all bald anyway!