TSA Collapsing of its Own Weight, Due to Internal Culture of Intimidation,

Well, we called this one many months ago, didn’t we. That an agency based on fraud & security theater, that recruited people specifically willing to ogle naked pictures of fellow Americans, as well as stick their hands down their pants (but not under their hijabs) under false pretenses, would by necessity, only find perverts and predators willing to do it.

It was all security theater under two presidents,  George W. Bush & Barack Hussein Obama, both of whom while pretending to “protect” Americans by manhandling them and putting them through medically dangerous x-ray scanners, simultaneously supported open border policies, allowing just anybody in the world, including the very same terrorists they pretended to protect us from, to just mosey on over the border.  Once physical signs went up in the desert, officially ceding the southern half of Arizona to foreign drug running criminals, no one has believed that the TSA body-searchers at the airports were ever about “serving the public”.


So now we have the situation that every evil toady eventually finds out, human predators all eventually turn on each other, and that’s what we have in today’s news, from The Hill, TSA employees themselves are not safe, and the attrition rate is several times the hiring rate.

TSA employees rip agency: ‘No one who reports issues is safe’

And from the Daily Caller:

TSA Whistle-Blowers: Screeners Fleeing ‘Agency In Crisis’

Why are we not surprised?

We won’t even have to wait for the current Obama-kissing congress, or even next year’s people’s replacement congress, to defund the TSA and remove them from Americans’ pants but not their hijabs.  It’s collapsing of its own weight as we watch.