You Will Be Publicly Punished by TSA for Non-Submission to Naked Body Scanners

More and more bloggers are posting first-hand accounts of their experiences with TSA and its reaction when someone opts out of receiving a 12 second exposure (6 seconds in front and 6 seconds in back) to dangerous x-ray body scanner machines, and it’s not pretty.

The first tactic is intimidation.   The first thing TSA employees do when a airline passenger requests the alternative pat down, is to yell loudly from one employee to another, “We have an opt out!  We have an opt out!”   This is not for the purpose of communicating between TSA employees, because all security personnel carry walkie-talkies.  This is for the purpose of publicly embarrassing the passenger requesting not to be body scanned, and intimidating anyone else within earshot out of making such a request as well.

The second tactic is outright molestation of the passenger.  In an interview linked today from the front page of  the Drudge Report, a mother describes how she was felt up and down, her private parts explored palm down, and her breasts encircled and manipulated more intimately than her own doctor would do, by a male TSA employee.  And when he turned to likewise molest her 20 month old and 8 year old daughters (which by the way, is a hard-time criminal offense everywhere, including in airports), she stepped in and demanded a female TSA employee check her daughters for the supposed bombs.   The female employee likewise molested the woman’s daughters (also still a criminal offense everywhere, including airports), traumatizing her 8 year old.

In that same interview linked above, the interviewer related how he himself had sat in an airport coffee shop watching TSA’s body scanning and pat down procedures, and how he observed that such severe pat down procedures are not committed against men (much less men most fitting the profile of terrorists), but only against women and children.   They are the ones TSA believes most likely to be meekly compliant, and so that is where they begin, in the training of the American public to accept personal terrorism as the norm in their lives.

So there you have it.  Your choice is to be x-rayed, and your naked body image splayed across airport screens twice every time you travel – once on the going and once on the return, or to be verbally humiliated, then prodded, poked, palpitated, and sexually pawed, also twice every time you travel.

This is all disgusting and there is no legitimate need for it.  There has been no successful repeat bombing of the U.S. since 9/11/2001 until last year’s introduction of these body scanners, and ever increasingly “enhanced” perverted pat down procedures.   Humiliation to gain compliance is a tactic used by school yard bullies and fascists, and has no place in American society against the law-abiding American public.  My biggest question is, compliance for what?  What bully humiliation is big government planning to impose on us next?  Making us all sit side by side in railroad cars, er um, sardine can airliners, wearing drafty draw-string hospital gowns?  Then we will be fit for nothing but concentration camps!

We’re Americans!   The track our nation’s Department of Homeland Security is on is pure evil!   This must be stopped!  This must be protested!